Wednesday, June 30, 2004

BBC Charter Review

Mark Thompson and Michael Grade have set out the BBC's vision for its own future as part of the Charter Review process.

The big idea is that the BBC should be about "Public value" and there is a pledge to making "original, risky, inventive, imaginative" programmes in drama, comedy, entertainment and sport.

In addition there will be "more investment in to BBC Four and give culture a more prominent place on BBC One and BBC Two" and a commitment "to our role on all platforms as a cultural patron."

There is a relatively muted response in today's press. The Guardian calls the BBC's manifesto "an impressive attempt to devise a workable blueprint for its own survival", with particular praise for its innovation in digital broadcasting.

The Times thinks that the challenge for the BBC is "to tackle the institutional smugness of the BBC elite without undermining the morale of the great many staff who do have a concept of public service."


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