Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Naming of the shows

From Joanna Taylor's column in The Stage, ITV drama head Nick Elliot's report of the difficulty involved in naming a new firefighting drama: 
Steel River Blues was the initial title but after some discussion it was thought that the name was not hot enough so it then became Kill the Heat. That lasted about a week, until producers rejected it saying that audiences would be put off by the word 'kill', which evokes too much violence.

Back to Steel River Blues then. And then Blue Heat was suggested - because they are the Blue Watch of Middlesbrough Fire Station. The general consensus was that was a bit naff so the 'Blue' bit was taken off and the programme became Heat. Perfect.

Well, no. That wasn't popular at the top so it once again got changed. This time to Fire Fight. Sorted.

Until, that is, Elliott gets a call from producers and the cast who complain that they are unhappy with the name of the series. After a quick chat with director of programmes Nigel Pickard, the lightbulb pings on and a final decision on the title of the show is made. What is it? Steel River Blues. What else?

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