Friday, July 30, 2004

Online creativity

Jim McClellan in The Guardian reports on trAce , an online writing centre based at Nottingham Trent University.
One writer exploring what the net can do for storytelling is Tim Wright. As part of his residency at trAce, Wright is creating In Search of Oldton, a net narrative that works with blogging and user contributions as well as Wright's memories of his dead father. Oldton is the town where Wright claims he grew up, but it doesn't appear on a map. "I call Oldton a 90% true digital story about a town that disappeared off the map and a life that never made it into the digital age. By getting people to submit words, pictures, sounds and movies about something or someone lost or left behind, I'm hoping to build up an online archive/blog I can analyse and reshape (with permission) to create a map of the imaginary town I lost and revive some kind of relationship with my dead father."


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