Friday, August 20, 2004

25 words or less

UK Film Council have announced the winners of its latest round of "25 words or less" funding. They are:

  • Act Your Age by Jonathan Evans (Comedy of Disguise) - To finance his daughter's wedding, unemployable middle-aged baldy fakes it as hip 20-something advertising trendspotter but ends up best man and father of the bride.
  • Kindness by Matthew McGuchan (Ghost Story)- A traumatised teacher helps a sinister child lurking in the shadows of her class but discovers she has jeopardized the souls of her young charges.
  • Fairy Fever by Richard Vincent (Animation) - When an ancient tribe of fairies are stolen by humans, it’s up to a band of disgruntled teen fairies to restore them to their kingdom.

The scheme invites pitches for development funds of £10,000. The categories for the next round are

  • Action adventure
  • Love stories
  • Comic odd couples

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