Friday, August 13, 2004

£5,000 for new writers

The writers of 'Shirley Valentine' and 'Calendar Girls' are stumping up £5,000 for new writers who are unable otherwise to stage their work at the Edinburgh fringe.

Willy Russell and Tim Firth are putting up the money for an annual prize aimed at fostering new talent. Read more from the BBC website here.
Russell said: "Talent, artistry, creativity, tenacity and strength of character - all essential qualities in the process of making a play. But the inescapable fact is that theatre is also a brutally practical business - especially when it comes to money. No money, no show. In 1972, I blagged, begged and borrowed until I had enough - just enough - to produce my first Edinburgh show. Without the faith of those who invested in a very fledgling talent I might have eked out my years as the worst hairdresser in the world!"
David Pugh, the theatre producer behind 'Art' and 'The Play What I Wrote', will administer the award.

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