Wednesday, August 04, 2004


The Daleks are coming back to our screens, thanks to a last minute deal between the Beeb and the estate of Terry Nation, their creator. Previously, the BBC had said that the forthcoming series of Dr Who would not feature the evil tin trundlers, owing to disagreements over editorial control.

Read more here in the Guardian, and here on the BBC website.

The Guardian reports:
"As well as coming face to face with a number of new and exciting monsters, it's good news that the Doctor will also do battle with his arch enemy, the Daleks, in a series which promises to surprise and entertain a new generation," said Mal Young, the BBC controller of continuing drama series."
Writers on the revived show include: Russell T Davies (Queer as Folk and The Second Coming), Mark Gatiss (League of Gentleman), Steven Moffat (Coupling), Paul Cornell and Robert Shearman.

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