Monday, August 02, 2004

Good stuff in The Guardian

So much good stuff in The Guardian (still far and away the best online newspaper from the UK) that it makes sense to put it in one post.

Mark Lawson has an interesting critique of Tony Grounds's new TV play, When I'm Sixty-Four.
You sometimes feel that Grounds would have had a bigger reputation in the 70s,
when strange and gracefully written single plays were treated as an event rather
than scripts that failed to become a movie.
Playwright David Farr explains the problems that arose when his play Crime And Punishment In Dalston was produced in Israel. ("The specificity, the politics have all been drained from the piece.")

Plus, in MediaGuardian (free registration required) there's an interview with Will & Grace creators, David Kohan and Max Mutchnick. And David Liddiment gives an insider's account of how ITV's new (and recently dumped) drama Making Waves was commissioned:
Did we make the wrong decision? Obviously. But I suspect the real truth is that in the five or so years that it took to come to the screen, Making Waves' time had simply come and gone.

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