Monday, October 11, 2004

UK Writer (The Ladykillers)

The Guild's new quarterly magazine was distributed to members last week. We are hoping to carry correspondence on this blog. Here's the first contribution from Tania Rose.
I opened my copy of the new (very attractive) version of the Bulletin this morning and amost immediately found the piece on the results of the election for the 'top 10 films of all time' and my late husband's film The Ladykillers (original version) voted as one of them.

I cannot resist writing this letter in case any other writers are interested.

Bill dreamed the film, literally. He woke me up one night and told me he had had this dream and he wanted to tell it to me in case he forgot it.

The basic plot can be told in about 2 sentences, and I was awake enough to realise that it was one in a million.

He went back to sleep and I sat up in bed going over and over it in my head for ages because I had nothing to write with and I didn't want to go and get pencil and paper in case I woke the baby.

When he woke up next morning he had forgotten it. I tell you this because I wonder so much how many other examples there may be of creative dreaming of this nature.
Feel free to add comments, or email your own letters c/o the Guild office.

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