Thursday, November 25, 2004

John Whiting Award

The Arts Council is seeking entries for the 38th John Whiting Award, designed to help further the careers and enhance the reputations of British playwrights and to draw to public attention the importance of writers in contemporary theatre.

Unfortunately there is no information on the Arts Council website, so the following is taken from the BBC Writersroom.

The brief

A Panel of independent judges will take the decision to reward a writer whose play, in the judges' opinion, satisfies the following description:
- a play in which the writing is of special quality
- a play of relevance and importance to contemporary life
- a play of potential value to British theatre

The judges do not have regard to whether or not the play has received a production, or is likely to receive a production or publication. It must, however, have been written during the years 2002 and/or 2003. The judges reserve the right to advise the Arts Council that no script meets the required standards of the award and that therefore the Award should not be made.

The prize

The value of the award is £6,000. The judges' decision is final.


Any writer is eligible to apply if they have had one of the following in the calendar years 2003 or 2004:
- An offer of an award under the Arts Council
- A commission from one of those theatre companies in receipt of annual or revenue subsidy from the Arts Council
- A premiere production by a theatre company in receipt of annual subsidy from the Arts Council

No writer who has previously won the award may reapply, and no play that has previously been submitted for the Award is eligible. A play submitted for consideration must be an original work. Translations are not eligible.

How to apply

Contact the Arts Council Theatre Writing Section on 020 7973 6480 and an application form will be sent to you.

Return the form, along with three copies of the script you are entering and a copy of your CV, to the Arts Council no later than 10 January 2005.

The winner will be announced in October 2005.

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