Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Writer/producer relations

The Writers' Guild is running a one-day seminar, "Trust Me Baby One More Time: A Guide to Writer/Producer Relations", on Friday 25 February.

Aimed at screenwriters, and run by Carl Schoenfeld, it will explain the requirements a film project needs to meet on the quest for the green light.

Topics covered will include:
  • Overview of the technical, economic and market expectations the film meets during production and distribution
  • Building good working relationships and effective companies
  • The organic pitching guide
  • How a producer takes control of copyright to make the exploitation of the film possible
  • The Screenplay as business plan
  • The UK film industry environment
  • How the production team uses the screenplay to plan the film making process
  • The various roles of a Producer
  • What happens at the various stages of a production
  • National and international distribution and writers’ profit participation

The seminar is open to all, but there is a discount for Writers' Guild members.

Full details are on the Writers' Guild website.

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