Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Nicola Shindler - Red Productions

Top independent TV producer, Nicola Shindler, is interviewed in The Stage. Having worked with Russell T Davies and Paul Abbott she knows all about good writing.
She is however, always on the look out for something new and original, particularly as feels really good screenwriters are few and far between. She confesses: “I think there are very few talented writers in the world, I really do. I actually believe calibre will out - so if someone is good enough and has written a script - as long as they send it somewhere it should get recognised at some point. In all honesty a lot of scripts that get sent in are terrible.”

Red Productions operates a policy where every script that gets sent to it is read and while Shindler acknowledges it is rare that something comes through this way, it does happen.

“If we get a script we like then we’ll get the writer in to talk to and we get some scripts in from agents. Reading everything is our way of giving something back and it is not that we necessarily want only new writers - it is important to give people access who might not get it anywhere else.”

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