Tuesday, April 12, 2005

David Greig interviewed

Playwright David Greig (Pyrenees, The American Pilot) interviewed by Leo Benedictus in The Guardian.
Greig now averages around five new plays a year, an astonishing rate. This is partly just good financial planning. "There are very few playwrights I can think of that don't go through a period of being very unfashionable while they're alive," he says, with evident trepidation. But does he wish he could slow down? "I'm always proud of the work," he begins carefully. "I genuinely never let the work be shit, and I always push myself, but I wouldn't write so much if I didn't have to make a living. It's a good discipline, but I would dearly like to work at a slightly slower pace. Although that's partly becoming possible anyway."

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