Saturday, May 07, 2005

AuthorHouse launches new partnership with Waterstone's

Self-publishing company, AuthorHouse UK, have announced a new partnership with high street retailer Waterstone's.
Through this partnership, AuthorHouse will provide Waterstone's Self-Publishing Packages which includes, among other things, guaranteed shelf space for self-published authors in Waterstone's flagship store at 311 Oxford Street in London, England.

"Big publishers do not have the monopoly on good books," said Scott Pack, Buying Manager for Waterstone's. "Some of the most exciting books we see nowadays are from small independent publishers or self-published authors."

Customers shopping Waterstone's will notice a new "Self-Published" book section which will display and sell authors' books being published through the AuthorHouse UK/Waterstone's partnership. Self-published authors will have their books stocked a minimum of eight weeks, giving Waterstone's buyers a chance to see how their book sells.

"Retail distribution for any author, especially self-published authors, has always been a challenge, " added Bryan Smith, President and CEO of AuthorHouse. "Our authors have complete control over the look, size, release time, royalties and now, retail distribution of their books."
The announcement comes less than a month after's purchase of self-publisher BookSurge.

Is the self-publishing industry coming of age?

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