Thursday, June 16, 2005

Third series of Doctor Who commissioned.

Jane Tranter, BBC Controller of Drama Commissioning, has confirmed that a third series of Doctor Who - plus a second Christmas special - has been commissioned. Filming of the second series is due to begin next month.

The early announcement about the third series is part of a new policy at the BBC to make longer term commitments to successful shows (as seen recently with New Tricks).

The latest Doctor Who Press Pack has an interview with lead writer, Russell T Davies.
One of the things that makes me laugh is when I read something which says 'gay writer of Second Coming, Casanova and Queer as Folk has made family viewing an event'.

It just shows that anyone can write anything. All that pigeon-holing that goes on is nonsense. No writer should ever sit there and think – I'll only write gay things.

I used to work in children's television and it was harder to move from children's telly and break into adult television. I was a young writer and no-one knew my name. People would just sit there and say, but you’ve only done children's.

I knew I could write anything. I knew I could do adult drama, but everyone pigeon-holes everyone.

What I love about Doctor Who is that it has come full circle, it's for adults and children; it's doing everything I like doing.

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