Thursday, July 14, 2005

Mass resignations at the Open College of Arts

There has been a mass resignation of 30+ writers, creative writing tutors at the Open College of the Arts (OCA), ahead of tomorrow’s deadline for the signing of new – and totally unacceptable - annual contracts.

Many of those refusing to renew their contracts with the OCA cite the organisation’s lack of respect for them as writers and experienced tutors, and the management’s refusal to discuss issues of concern as the reason they no longer feel valued by the distance learning college.

Today’s dramatic demonstration of frustration and disappointment – some of the tutors concerned have been with the OCA since its inception over fifteen years ago – has come at the end of a protracted period during which concerted attempts have been made to resolve these issues.

Many letters, including from the Guild and the National Association of Writers (NAWE), have been sent conveying the grave disquiet expressed by many of these tutors and attempting to open discussions with the OCA.

All to no avail.

Yesterday the Writers’ Guild sent a joint letter with NAWE and the Society of Authors to OCA board members supporting the decision of the tutors concerned, expressing our disappointment that such drastic action has been the end result, and hoping that the OCA will be able to apply procedures to avoid such action being required in the future.

Any Guild members considering working for the OCA are advised to contact Christine Paris at the Guild office.

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