Wednesday, September 07, 2005

ITV and BBC to launch "Freesat"

ITV today announced a new service that will further strengthen its position in
the digital environment.

ITV and the BBC are working together to develop a new free digital satellite
service - project title "Freesat" - to complement the hugely popular Freeview

Freesat will enable viewers to access subscription-free digital television via
satellite and will be aimed primarily at people in the UK currently unable to
access Freeview.

As part of the development of Freesat, ITV is also announcing that it intends to
start broadcasting ITV channels unencrypted - 'in the clear' - within the next
few months on digital satellite television. ITV has consulted all relevant
rights holders.
More from the ITV press release.
The BBC has also issued a press release.

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