Monday, October 17, 2005

Creative Archive placements

Arts Council England is inviting established artists in any medium to apply for one of two placements to produce new work inspired by BBC archives.
The placements, which will last for four months, will be funded by Arts Council England and hosted by the BBC. They are to be advertised in the national press and will invite artists to manipulate, mix and share BBC and other archive material to create a series of new artworks and, in doing so, develop their professional careers in a new environment.

One of the artists will work with unrestricted access to the BBC archive material, the results being exhibited within the BBC. The other artist will work with content that is available to the public under the Creative Archive Licence and will be exhibited and available for download though the Creative Archive website

The aim of the project is to highlight and stimulate the creative possibilities of the Creative Archive Licence, a collaboration between the BBC, the BFI, Channel 4, the Open University, TeachersÂ’ TV and the Community Channel. Under the licence, the public can download moving images, audio and stills and rework them creatively for non-commercial use.

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