Monday, October 10, 2005

Waterstone's & Faber Wow Factor results

At the start of the summer, Waterstone's and Faber announced a competition for new children's writers called The Wow Factor.

I've noticed that a number of people coming to this blog have been searching for the results, so I tried to find them. Nothing on the Waterstone's website. Nothing on Faber's (except an announcement saying that they no longer accept unsolicited scripts for anything other than poetry.)

Finally, on a discussion forum for viewers of ITV1's This Morning, comes the news that winners were announced on that show last week. But there's nothing I can see on the This Morning website either.

Makes you wonder how either Waterstone's or Faber ever actually sell any books...

Update: There's an article in The Guardian about two short-listed writers but I still can't find any official information online.

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