Thursday, January 12, 2006

Fifty years of the Royal Court

In The Telegraph, Aleks Sierz charts 50 years of the Royal Court and Dominic Cavendish asks what has happened to rage in today's theatre writing.
...couldn't [Kenneth] Tynan's scathing description, back in 1956, of the drama of his day - "theatre that seldom ventures more than a toe into the water" - be applied to the fare that fills our stages far more easily than many would care to admit? Quietness and restraint, compassion and subtlety, have become the dominant features of the new writing landscape. British theatre is alive, but it's not exactly kicking. A new exhibition at the Theatre Museum, commemorating the '50s and Look Back in Anger, is entitled Unleashing Britain; society has undoubtedly changed, but why, decades on, does British theatre feel so tightly tethered?

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