Thursday, February 09, 2006

Comedy North online

BBC3 is joining forces with the CorporationÂ’s Talent and New Media departments to find the next generation of comedy writers.

The campaign is to begin in March and is being overseen by Comedy North, headed by Kenton Allen. Upcoming comedians will be invited to submit their sketches or showcase material via the BBC3 website, where it can be viewed and rated by producers, commissioners and other comedians.

The writers/performers of the best sketches will be invited to attend comedy workshops in Manchester given by leading comedy talent. If the campaign is successful in uncovering a diverse range of new talent then it is envisaged that a half-hour comedy pilot could be produced for transmission on BBC3.
More from Liz Thomas in The Stage.

Comment: I don't know if this is entirely correct - surely people will be pointed to the new Soup website rather than the BBC3 site.

Update: it appears they are going to use the BBC3 site. Although the initiative is "supported" by Soup. Hmm.

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