Monday, March 13, 2006

The Sopranos writers

On his always entertaining blog, Ken Levine sings the praises of The Sopranos, created by David Chase, and looks at the writers behind the penultimate series (the final series launched in America yesterday.)
Reprieved from an earlier post – some past credits of the SOPRANOS staff (not saying these are all bad shows, just somewhat different from what you might expect…so I don’t want a lot of comments saying how great Secret Squirrel was.):

The Magician
2 Stupid Dogs
Batman (the animated series)
Cover Me
Swat Kats
The In-Laws
Baby Blues
American Gothic
The New Flipper
The Naked Truth
Living in Captivity
Sister Sister
..... and of course – the Secret Squirrel Show.
As Levine also points out, most of the writers are in their fifties.

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