Thursday, May 11, 2006

Andrew Davies interview

You can't get away from Andrew Davies at the moment. But why would you want to? This week, with his new adaptation of Alan Holinghurst's In The Line Of Beauty launching on Sunday, he's interviewed by Jan Moir in The Daily Telegraph.
Andrew Davies remains the man with the golden script, who can command upwards of £200,000 per project. At least in his case, it looks like BBC money well spent and even Davies is bemused at recent revelations that the corporation spends millions on payments to disc jockeys such as Jonathan Ross and Terry Wogan: "I think they ought to be punished rather than paid well. I don't want to listen to them. I'd try to arrange it so that there wasn't anybody talking bollocks in between the records. Or having inane competitions and f---ing phone-ins."

That's one thing that makes him angry. Hollywood executives who treat him badly are another. "Oh, it's dreadful, infuriating and humiliating! I've got a monstrous ego to keep in check and a list of bastards I won't work with again, although they probably feel the same way about me," he says, then laughs.

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