Thursday, May 25, 2006

Cannes 2006 - Indigènes

Another genre film with a twist.

Indigènes, written by Rachid Bouchareb and Olivier Lorelle and directed by Rachid Bouchareb, is an old fashioned war film - the camaraderie, the harsh realities, death of friends, bravery, final battle etc. It's well constructed, well shot and well acted, but what makes it special is that we are following an African Unit in the French army.

Fiercely patriotic to "mother France", they are met with injustice and bigotry by their own side, even when contributing to major victories. Even after the War they are treated appallingly.

The story does not need much elaboration - the resonances are strong enough to speak for themselves. Given the continuing racial problems that France has, seeing the heroism of African troops fighting under the French flag met with racism and injustice carries a powerful massage for today.

The audience at the screening I attended clapped long and hard.

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