Monday, June 12, 2006

Garrison Keillor interviewed

Writer and radio star, Garrison Keillor, has written a movie. He's interviewed by Dylan Callaghan for the Writers Guild of America, west.
Radio is a magical medium and movies are very hard work. Radio employs language to the fullest. It addresses mature people with some experience in the world, which they bring to the game, so a few references can produce images more vivid than most of what you'd see on a screen. You can do a monologue on several different levels, and the audience picks up everything and adds their own experience and comes away delighted.

A few times, during this picture, I thought to myself, "I should've tried this as a radio drama." But movies have the oomph of money and sex appeal. Movie stars are the last true celebrities in America. The challenge of movies for me is that I know almost nothing about them. I'm not a major movie fan. I was brought up fundamentalist, and so I associate filmdom with moral squalor and eternal damnation.

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