Monday, June 26, 2006

Parfitt gets teens remit at BBC

The BBC is clearly worried about losing a hold on the nation's youth. First came last week's announcement that, as part of the changes to BBC drama, Diederick Santer will have responsibility for developing younger-skewing drama series and serials (as well as being Executive Producer of EastEnders). Now comes news that Radio One Controller, Andy Parfitt, will have an additional role to "develop ideas for programming and content aimed at 12-16 year olds, which will deliver through existing broadband, TV and radio services."
Announcing the appointment, Mark Thompson said: "Andy's appointment is a significant step in developing the public service vision set out in Creative Future.

"The BBC plays an important role in the early years of many children's lives. But as they reach adolescence this relationship fades as the Corporation hasn't been producing enough content that appeals to them.

"We are now aiming to bridge that gap with high quality content tailored and packaged for them, which we hope will complement existing services provided by the commercial sector."

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