Thursday, August 17, 2006

BBC Sketch Factor

Have you ever listened to a comedy show on the radio and thought; 'I could do that?' Well now you can.

Sketch Factor is a unique opportunity to join the writing team of a brand new sketch show for BBC Radio 4.

The 10 best entrants will be selected to join a writers' academy where they will be mentored by leading comedy writers.

Their work will then be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 early in 2007, as part of a new comedy sketch show, entitled 'Recorded for Training Purposes'.
The closing date for entries is 11 October. Full details are on the the BBC New Talent website.

Update: there's a news report on The Stage.
Head of radio light entertainment Paul Schlesinger told The Stage: “This is investment with a proper end. It is a meaningful search for talent and at the end of it people will end up on radio. It isn’t just extra investment in terms of money but also man hours, from reading and editing scripts to the production and mentoring side.”

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