Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The cost of the Fringe

How much does it cost to stage a show on the Edinburgh Fringe? In The Guardian, Patrick Collinson and Rupert Jones investigate.
The rule of thumb for performers is that if you can sell 150 tickets a day, then the production will keep its financial head above water. Trouble is, the average Fringe performance attracts only 51 people, so ticket sales rarely cover half the cost of a show. Getting 50 punters is no mean feat; this year Edinburgh has 1,867 productions showing at 261 venues, all desperate for your attention.

It's unlikely that anyone hoping to put on a production or stand-up comedy - even a one-man show on a shoestring budget - will do it for less than £5,000-£7,000.
By the way, the next issue of the Guild's magazine, UK Writer, will be taking a closer look at the costs and benefits of the fringe in general.

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