Thursday, August 17, 2006

Edinburgh Writing Awards 2006 - shortlist

The shortlist has been announced for the Edinburgh Writing Awards 2006, run by the Guild and The List.

Comedy - Best Writing
  • Reginald D Hunter – Pride & Prejudice & Niggas
  • Mark Watson – I’m Worried That I’m Starting To Hate Almost Everyone In The World
  • Morgan Lloyd Malcolm, Katie Lyons and Verity Rose Woolnough - The Receptionists
Comedy - Best Newcomer
  • Simon Brodkin - Everyone But Himself
  • Jonny Sweet and Joe Thomas - The Future
Theatre - Best Writing
  • Gregory Burke - Black Watch
  • Theatre of the Emerging American Moment - Particularly In The Heartland
  • Arthur Riordan - Improbable Frequency
Theatre - Best Newcomer
  • Adam Rapp - Finer Noble Gases
  • Network Of Stuff - The Unsinkable Clerk
The winners will be announced on 22 August.

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