Thursday, September 28, 2006

Public Service Publisher

The communications industries regulator, Ofcom, has published a new report on Public Service Broadcasting post Digital Swtichover.

The most eye-catching recommendation is that:
Further consideration also needs to be given to the possible role of and funding for a Public Service Publisher (PSP), proposed by Ofcom’s PSB Review as the first provider of public service content rooted in the ideas, creativity and ethos of new media.
The idea would be to have public service content produced by someone other than the BBC, for use through commercial distributors.
In conjunction with a small group of experts from within the new media industry, work is underway to develop a creative vision for the PSP as an entity rooted in the ideas, creativity and ethos of new media (although this will not preclude it from making use of broadcasting distribution where appropriate).
The report also promises that Ofcom will be undertaking a full review of Channel 4's public service provision.

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