Thursday, November 23, 2006

Abi Morgan interview

In The Guardian, Gareth McLean talks to Abi Morgan about her new TV film, Tsunami: The Aftermath.
Morgan spent 10 days in Thailand researching the project, speaking to hundreds of people, in NGOs and the Thai government. Would she describe Tsunami: The Aftermath as a docudrama? "When I think of docudrama, I think of timelines flashing up on the screen and often more sketchily written characters. Part of the need and the desire to make Tsunami a fiction was that you can't do justice to an individual story. You can't fulfil what someone would want you to, so I told an amalgam of stories. But there's nothing in there that isn't based on fact, even the most shocking events."
Tsunami: The Aftermath is on BBC2 on Tuesday November 28.

Tsunami:The AftermathSophie Okonedo in Tsunami: The Aftermath, written by Abi Morgan, directed by Bharat Nalluri. Photo by Kerry Brown for BBC/Kudos Film and Television

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