Thursday, November 09, 2006


Watch poems being written in real time at QuickMuse. Weirdly compelling. Thanks to The Telegraph's Ceri Radford for the link.

What's QuickMuse?

QuickMuse is a cutting contest, a linguistic jam session, a series of on-the-fly compositions in which some great poets riff away on a randomly picked subject. It's an experiment, QuickMuse, to see if first thoughts are indeed the best ones. We're not entirely sure about this, but we suspect QuickMuse will bring readers closer to the moment of composition than they have ever been before. Best part: our "playback" feature lets you watch the poems unfold, second by second. Or as Thlyias Moss says, it's "the chance for a poem to find its/audience fast," in which words don't "have as much/time to stale, pale/lose the relevance of the moment" to which they belong.
There's an article by Ken Gordon, the man behind QuickMuse, in Poets and Writers.

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