Friday, December 22, 2006

And the winner is...

To round off the year, my awards for 2006. Completely unofficial. Chosen solely by me.

Writer of the year: Peter Morgan a writer who leapt into the big-time on small screen (Longford), big screen (The Queen, The Last King Of Scotland) and in the West End (Frost/Nixon). Listen to a podcast, read a profile or read one of many interviews with him from the past year.

Blogger of the year: Ken Levine – blogging is spreading among writers this side of the Atlantic but Americans like Levine still lead the way. Unsurprisingly for a man who helped write MASH, Cheers and Frasier, his blog is consistently funny.

Best event: Royal Court 50th anniversary readings. A great play every night, often with original cast and director. When the plays are this good the actors can bring them to life from their chairs.

Best event I didn’t go to:
Screenwriters' Festival, Cheltenham. Those who went seemed to think it was worth the money. Set to run again in 2007.

Most notable WGGB achievement: Publishing the world’s first guidelines for videogames writers (.pdf file).

Second most notable WGGB achievement: Opening the brand new Writers’ Centre.

Technological development: The self-publishing website,, has set the pace for digital printing and now has a distribution centre in the UK.

Sad decline: Children’s ITV – production closed, future uncertain.

Biggest hope for 2007: That Michael Grade can help revitalise ITV comedy and drama.

Feel free to suggest your own best of 2006. See you next year.

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