Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Bruno Heller

Dylan Callaghan talks to Bruno Helller for the Writers Guild of America, west.
Bruno Heller, co-creator of HBO's award-winning historically dramatic series Rome and son of acclaimed Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? screenwriter Lukas Heller, readily admits that his father's successful career likely kept him from the scribe trade for years. “I'm sure there were some good oedipal reasons why I didn't put pen to paper until a couple years after his death.” Heller instead spent years working nearly every other below-the-line job in film, from location manager to clapper loader. “When I'd failed at everything else, I finally had a crack at this.”

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  1. His series Rome was the best i have ever seen. it was so creative and on such a strong heroic time in ancient rome and egypt. i think he should also make a full lenth movie and make it hollywood big with thousands of ppl at the triumphs. i bet after this series everyone and theyr mother will be buyin a ticket and rushing to the theater to catch that movie after they have seen how well this man can write and how strong his knolege of roman events is. I THINK THERE SHOULD BE A 3RD SEASON TOO GOING DOWN THE ROAD ON ANOTHER STRONG ROMAN EMPOROR. MAYBE THE STORY OF NERO OS SUMTHING ELSE...SHOWING HOW FAR THE ROMAN EMPIRE GOT. good work


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