Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Trial Of Tony Blair

In the dock: Robert Lindsay as Tony Blair

The Trial Of Tony Blair, written by Alistair Beaton, will be the latest current affairs based drama to hit our TV screens when it appears on More 4 on Monday. There are interviews with Beaton and executive producer David Aukin in The Telegraph and Media Guardian (free registration required).
"The drama focuses on Blair's psychic disintegration because he can't silence his conscience over what happened in Iraq. It's based on the assumption that Blair is a man with some remaining decency and conscience and that the death of people in Iraq must haunt him," says Beaton. Indeed, the film's first scene finds Blair at confession (did I mention that he's recently, and to Cherie's delight, become a Catholic?), telling the priest: "I feel as though I have sins to confess. Mortal sins."

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