Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Adrian Hodges - Primeval

As he looks forward to the premiere of his new ITV series, Primeval (trailer above), on Saturday night, Adrian Hodges talks on the WGGB website about the challenges of writing prime-time drama.
It’s great that ITV are getting back into prime-time fantasy drama and I think there’s a feeling that they’re really committed to creating a new raft of fresh, lively and innovative shows. Writing for prime-time Saturday night ITV is probably one of the biggest challenges a TV writer can face but the network has given Primeval fantastic promotional support and, obviously, I really hope that we get the viewing figures to justify their confidence in the show. I’m really proud of it, so fingers crossed.


  1. Anonymous9:11 pm

    this was interesting, but did you notice the guy identified the gender of the human skeleton by counting the rib bones. i laughed myself silly :D

  2. Edel Brosnan3:02 pm

    Adrian Hodges has written some gorgeous TV. Great to see ITV doing something fun and ambitious again.

  3. Anonymous7:37 pm

    Sorry if this is off topic but I’m thinking of buying this book. Curious if anyone’s has checked out the new book “Hell’s Aquarium” by Steve Alten? I know he’s been a best selling author before, but wanted to see if anyone had read this book first? It’s about the ancient prehistoric shark Megalodon, which makes the current Great White Shark look like a gold fish. Check out the trailer below, pretty awesome:


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