Wednesday, April 04, 2007

An arts funding parable

In the week that the first Olympics-driven cut to cultural grants was announced, here is a revealing little parable from the world of arts funding. Seven weeks ago Sebastian Barker, editor of the London Magazine, was summoned to Arts Council England's literature department. His magazine, which has benefited from public subsidy for decades, is currently underwritten to the tune of £30,000. Mr Barker was told that, despite previous assurances to the contrary, funding would cease from April 2008, and that he was out of a job.
More from DJ Taylor in The Guardian.

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  1. With a limited funding pot, should the balance be shifted in favour of periodicals? What areas should see reduced funding? I'm sure WGGB readers have views on what principles should guide public funding of the arts today? Lets hear them at the arts debate. This is Arts Council England's first ever public value enquiry and we've already had lots of thoughtful contributions.

    Luke Smith, Project Manager, The Arts Debate


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