Monday, April 16, 2007

Taxi for Mr Merchant

If you're near a radio tomorrow morning, you can listen to Taxi For Mr Merchant on Radio 4 at 11.30am. If you miss it, try the online Listen Again service.
With its haunting music and credits depicting an endless journey across the Brooklyn Bridge, Taxi was never the most conventional of TV sitcoms. But it brought together a collection of writers and performers who went on to be extremely influential in the worlds of film, TV and even opera. And yet, for all its influence, it's never really been afforded the reputation it deserves.

Stephen Merchant tells the story of show. As well as great writing, it assembled a stellar cast, and discovered Danny De Vito, Christopher Lloyd and Andy Kauffman, in addition to showcasing the terrific acting skills of Judd Hirsh.

Featuring original interviews with former cast members, director James Burrows and sitcom writer Rob Long, and a plethora of clips, Taxi For Mr Merchant is an insight into the history of the American sitcom.

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