Tuesday, April 24, 2007

UK Film Council - 25 Words Or Less

The UK Film Council has launched its latest 25 Words Or Less competition for scriptwriters.
The next round of 25 Words or Less brings a new approach to the initiative, in partnership with 3 of the UK’s low budget production financiers: Warp X, Vertigo Films and Slingshot Studios. The production partners and the UK Film Council’s Development Fund will jointly select three writers to develop a first draft script inspired by each of the production partner’s chosen genre. Involvement of these partners will provide access to their expertise and experience of developing for low budget features, in an environment where a primary focus is moving rapidly to production.

Funding of £10,000 will be awarded by the UK Film Council to each successful writer. The Development Fund will assign a script editor to each project – the cost of which will be attributable to the project but met by the UK Film Council.
The three genres are: “Lo-Fi, Sci-Fi”, “A comedy involving a case of mistaken identity” and "Teen Hitchcock".

Applicants must either have an agent or be a Full Member of the Writers' Guild of Great Britain.

The closing date for entries is 10am on 13 July 2007.

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