Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Plundering the DVD back-catalogue

The Wire

A mere five years after it first aired in America I finally got round to watching the first ever episode of The Wire (created by David Simon) on DVD last night. Like everyone says, it's great. Wonderfully understated writing and acting that simmer with tension and intrigue.

Does anyone have any other TV-on-DVD recommendations to share? My top three would be Heimat (by Edgar Reitz), Deadwood (created by David Milch) and Carnivàle (created by Daniel Knauf).


  1. For me, shows that benefit immensely from a DVD box-set marathon include Prison Break, Lost, 24 and Heroes.

    Carnivale is similarly fantastic on DVD, as you mention, but it makes you angry it was never given a chance in the UK and cruelly axed in the US.

  2. I really like City of Men (Cidade dos Homens), the 2003 spin-off TV series from the film City of God. Sharp, funny, sitcom-soap hybrid, set in the shanty towns of Rio de Janeiro.


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