Friday, May 04, 2007

Your ALCS money

Gail Renard, Chair of the Guild's TV Committee and WGGB nominated Authors' Licensing and Collecting Society (ALCS) director, offers a brief reminder to Guild members.
We all like receiving our ALCS money which, may I remind everyone, is not our privilege but our right. Secondary royalties are part of our contracts and agreements, and we have to make sure we collect every penny owing to us.

ALCS do everything in their power to unite writers with their money, but they’re not omnipotent, and oversights can happen. So the onus should be on us, the writers, to be ever-alert and make sure that all of that our works, past and present, are listed. You can do this easily on-line or by letter. Or if you have any queries, phone them. They’re writer-friendly. It really is worth your while (and your income) to surf onto the ALCS website.

Do read carefully the sort of works you can list. You’d be surprised at the diversity and you can claim for most things, barring a note to your milkman. And who amongst us doesn’t want to earn more money?

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