Friday, June 22, 2007

The future of Bristol Old Vic

On The Guardian Theatre Blog, Lyn Gardner expresses concerns about the approach being taken by the Bristol Old Vic in its quest for new funding.
If the money isn't raised then the theatre has no future, but the danger is that in securing those funds it sells its birthright for a temperature-controlled auditorium and seats that all face the stage (some of them don't). Clearly under [Simon] Reade, the theatre did not win the loyalty or affection of Bristol audiences. But if the theatre's refurbishment and closure had been conducted in an orderly fashion, there would have been time for widespread consultation to find out what the people of Bristol would like from their theatre and where that might fit within wider theatre activity in the south west and a national strategy for regional theatre and touring. Instead, an attempt is being made to raise money before anyone knows what might go on inside the building.
As Gardner mentions, Theatre Bristol is facilitating a meeting to discuss the future of the Old Vic on 21 July.

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