Monday, July 09, 2007

Veterans' benefits

A guest post by Wally K Daly.

At a recent meeting of the Guild Welfare Committee - a committee that comprises the Guild Treasurer Robert Taylor, doyen comedy writer Dick Sharples, the General Secretary Bernie Corbett and myself - after having settled all outstanding matters, discussion turned to one of the benefits of working in the industry that is not widely know.

There is a club for technicians of any discipline in the industry (except acting) that allows for free cinema entrance to the club member and a guest at specified times, which are very generous. The first two weeks of a new film being screened are usually excluded but that apart most days and times seats are available at no cost, at the discretion of the cinema manager, all over the country.

To join, an application must be made and if accepted by the committee which meets on a bi-monthly basis, the membership generates a fee of £20 per year – a cost of course recovered after one visit to a cinema with a friend. On being accepted for membership you will be issued with a very nice lapel pin, of camera and clapper board design, and a tie so garish and awful that you are guaranteed never to wear it.

The only slight fly in the ointment is the major membership requirement. Membership is only open to those who have been in the industry for at least 30 years.

Make your application to the British Cinema & Television Veterans, 22 Golden Square London W1F 9AD. Or Telephone :020 7287 2976 for an application form. (Office not open on Friday or Monday)

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