Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Writers on film

Californication trailer

In The Telegraph, Matt Thorne questions the accuracy of Hollywood's depiction of writers. The latest novelist on screen is played by David Duchovny in TV series Californication (which starts in the UK on Five from 11 October).
As he struggles to write a blog for a magazine, he makes up for his lack of inspiration by pursuing an endless stream of LA women (four in the first episode alone) all of whom think having sex with a novelist is the most desirable prospect imaginable.

Not all male novelists look like Duchovny, but even attractive ones might blanch at his seduction technique: going into Borders and reading his own novel.

Instead of being jeered at by passing customers, it's not long before a beautiful 16-year-old comes up to him and goes back to his place for violent sex.

The lad-lit novelist Mike Gayle, who once got fan mail from the Broadway Showgirls strip club in San Francisco promising him a free lapdance, doubts this pick-up technique would work: "I can barely look my books in the eye, let alone stand by them."

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