Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Beowulf - movies and games converge

On the Wired Game/Life blog Chris Kohler predicts that the new Beowulf film heralds a new era of film and videogame development.
Give it another five to ten years and you'll have your choice of CGI action movies. And if they star Angelina Jolie, they'll likely just pull her digital likeness straight out of Beowulf's asset files.

This will mean that tie-in video games will become even more important, because soon enough there will be no technological difference between what you're playing and what you're watching. It'll all look the same. They'll share assets. They'll build movies and games together from the ground up.

And video games will become even more mainstream as the average moviegoer's taste in visuals becomes closer and closer to what gamers experience on the small screen. This won't just affect licensed movie games. As the two media become closer and closer, even original games will start to click more with the mainstream consumer simply because everything will all have grown so closely together.

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