Friday, November 16, 2007

International Guilds support US strike

Leaders of major writers' guilds from around the world – representing more than 21,000 screenwriters internationally - have pledged to take action in support of the WGA strike against multi-national media conglomerates.

At the annual International Affiliation of Writers Guilds' meeting in Montreal, Canada, screenwriters announced an International Day of Solidarity on Wednesday, November 28, 2007. Writers will demonstrate in Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, English and French Canada, United Kingdom, Mexico and France.

"Their fight is our fight," asserts Rebecca Schechter, President, Writers Guild of Canada. "Screenwriters around the world are entitled to receive their fair share of revenues from the internet, and that is what our American colleagues are fighting for."

Katharine Way, Chair, Writers’ Guild of Great Britain, argues that "The future of our industry is shifting toward new media. Writers have always had to fight for a small share of the revenues generated from their work and this case is no different."

Audrey O'Reilly, Chair, Irish Playwrights and Screenwriters Guild, added that "Our solidarity means that no self-respecting screenwriter in any country will undermine the US strike. The overwhelming majority of our members will never take work from striking American colleagues because the fight now taking place in the US is a fight for screenwriters across the globe."

Tim Pye, President, Australian Writers Guild, says that "the IAWG urges the international corporate giants to share just a few more drops from their buckets of money with the creators – without whose work their TV shows, movies, webisodes and downloads would not exist. The networks and studios must return to the negotiating table without delay."

The International Day of Solidarity on Wednesday, November 28, 2007, will demonstrate the resolve of the worldwide screenwriting community.

More details on how the day will be marked in the UK will follow soon.

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