Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Welsh writers in online archive dispute

From BBC News:
Scores of writers are refusing to let their works be scanned for an online archive at the National Library of Wales because they are not being paid.

A year after a near-£1m project was awarded to digitise modern Welsh writing, a dispute between authors and the library has not been resolved.

The library is putting some 3.5m words from 20th Century English and Welsh periodicals and magazines on the web.

But literature promotion agency Academi wants writers to be paid a share.

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  1. Most of the money for Arts in Wales goes to suits anyway.

    Some of the suits are paid to give writers and artists advice, which says "go see other suits", others archive everything, others drive around all day and speak Welsh to themselves (at least the only two qualifications for their jobs are fluent Welsh and a drivers license).

    A problem with the scanning project is that computer data is highly unreliable anyway. It also puts Welsh publishers at a disadvantage, if they want to create paid for or advertising supported versions of their magazine articles online for instance.


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