Thursday, March 06, 2008

Power and Gallagher take Crusoe to NBC

Last year it was reported that Power will become the first British production company to make a drama series for a US Network for more than 40 years, after NBC ordered 13 episodes of Robinson Crusoe.
The budget for the 13-episode series is said to be about $35 million. NBC/UMS's portion is estimated to be about $10 million, for which NBC gets domestic rights to "Crusoe."

Power, which will shoulder the rest of the cost, gets international distribution rights.

The deal gives NBC a series for a little more than the price of a high-end drama pilot. (The two-hour pilot of "Lost" reportedly cost $10 million-$12 million).
Now WGGB member and blogger, Stephen Gallagher, has revealed that he will be lead writer on the show.
I don't intend to keep a running production blog and I'm not going to give away any information on how we're tackling it, either. But NBC are buying action-adventure. So don't expect thirteen weeks of a bloke learning to milk a goat.

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  1. Many congratulations to Stephen Gallagher on this super news. Isn't it great when good things happen to good writers?


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