Thursday, May 22, 2008

Writing for romance

On the Guild website, Naomi MacDonald reports on the Writers' Guild and DACS getting together for an evening of romance. T
here was a real mixture of work showcased: hilarious, racy, honest, reflective, serious and touching - and obviously, romantic - in equal measure. There were songs, monologues, a script plus a very brave and hilarious account of Lauren Kemp's attempts to persuade one of her ex-boyfriends' new girlfriends to read her piece at the event. There were a lot of laughs and some really tender moments.

Just to add an extra element of fun (and risk!) to the evening, all attendees were given a badge with the name of a famous 'arty' person, or character from literature, and instructed to match up with their 'other half'. The Princess and The Pea found each other, as did Pat and Frank Butcher, Gilbert and George, Francis Bacon and John Edwards.

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