Friday, August 01, 2008

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Predictably, McKee took a few verbal beatings in different sessions at the Screenwriters' Festival, but I like his book 'Story' - it has some useful practical advice, and it's clear and well-argued with good examples. I also loved the lampooning of some of his excesses in 'Adaptation' too. As, I'm pretty sure, did McKee himself.

I don't agree with anyone who says 'Don't read any of the screenwriting manuals'. Read them all: Vogler, Field, Parker, etc., etc. All of them. And ignore them all if you want, or ignore bits of them, and use other bits.

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  1. The only book I ever recommend to writers is William Goldman's ADVENTURES IN THE SCREEN TRADE. It's a rattling good read, entertaining and informative. Then I'd recomment you put it down and write! The more you write, the better you get (hopefully!) so you might as well start now.

    One other book I love for sheer enthusiasm about writing and also great pointers for writing stage comedies (or any other for that matter) is Moss Hart's autobiography, ACT ONE. It was written in the 1950's but none the worse for that. My only sadness is Moss Hart never got to write ACT TWO.


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