Friday, September 05, 2008

Karen Lutz and Kirsten Smith interview

For the Writers Guild of America West, Shira Gotshalk speaks to screenwriters Karen Lutz and Kirsten Smith about their new hit film, The House Bunny, which opens in the UK next month.
Do you feel that you've been pigeonholed in some ways as “chick flick” writers?

Karen Lutz: No, we write romantic comedies, two-handers. Our last movie that just finished shooting a month ago, The Ugly Truth, is a romantic comedy. It was very much a two-hander with an equal male part. So I don't think we are pigeonholed as just “girl power” movie writers.

Kirsten Smith: I guess that we also like to write female characters that are underestimated or put in a box or, as Karen likes to say, defined by others. Then the journey of the movie is: Don't let other people define you. So if anyone were to do that to us, I think it would probably just inspire us to prove them wrong.
The House Bunny trailer

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